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In an ideal world, Tara would have set up the room she was bringing Kennedy back to a little more. Candles. Champagne. Maybe some rose petals.

But in the world she actually lived in, Tara didn't know the first thing about buying champagne and cut-off flower parts made her a little too sad to use after yesterday. Candles, however, she had a lot of. She'd arranged unlit ones around her side of the room artistically and convinced Fiona to find someplace else to be for the evening before she went to Fast Eddie's. She'd done some cleaning, too, and given the cats some extra food so they'd sleep.

None of which stopped her from being nervous about this whole project. But it was feeling like a pretty good kind of nervous as she led Kennedy to her room and pulled her door open. There was a slight giggle in her voice as she said, "After you. You aren't tired or anything, are you?"

'Cause that would just suck.

[OOC: For Kennedy, please, and for SP.]
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Before heading out to class, Tara took a moment to type up an email.

To: Fandom High Students
Subject: Kennedy's Birthday!


Kennedy is turning 17 on Thursday, and the party will be this Friday (May 21). We'll be at Fast Eddie's around dinnertime. Call me or email back if you have questions or anything, but we'd love to see you!

This isn't a surprise party, so don't worry about spilling the beans to Kennedy. I can't keep a secret from her anyhow :-).



She hoped she hadn't forgotten to mention anything in the email as she finished packing up to leave the room. The party-throwing thing was new to her.

[OOC: Establishy, though feel free to answer the email!]


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