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Tara's head hurt. Her stomach felt like it was trying to swim out of her body. Her mouth tasted like cotton and clay.

She opened her eyes slightly. The firm abs and bright smiles of the boys on the pictures she'd put up yesterday taunted her. And then she remembered something about singing dirty songs and wanted to die then and there.

She settled for closing her eyes and groaning aloud again. She had no idea what had come over her, but one thing was for sure: She was never, ever drinking like that again.

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Tara was very busy Friday morning. She'd gone out early to get the latest editions of all the best magazines -- Seventeen, Star, and Tiger Beat. And now she was practically papering the walls of her alcove with torn-out photos of Zac Efron, the Jonas brothers, Justin Bieber, and -- her very favorites -- all the guys from the Dusk movies. Vampires were soooooo totally hot. She wouldn't mind if that one who used to be an underwear model wanted to nibble on her neck, nuh-uh.

After she was done, she'd probably go to the convenience store and magically trick the clerk into selling her beer. Why have powers if you never used them, right? It was a perfect day to get wasted on the beach. Maybe she could bring a big group of people and have a real kegger.

It was, in fact, pretty darn frosty in Hades.

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