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Tara was, in her quiet was, bubbling over with happiness when she woke up Monday. Not only was the demon story she'd believed all her life banished like a bad dream, but she'd managed to get her mother on the phone last night before anyone could intercept the call.

Her mother hadn't entirely believed Tara's story; she'd had the demon thing in her head for too long. Still, she'd at least agreed to try to talk to someone outside the family about it. That was a start. Everything else would follow.

Door open, Tara sang softly to herself as she did some tidying. The room didn't entirely need it, but it felt good and right to clean.

Her eyes lingered on a spell she'd copied out a long time ago -- one that would hide all demons and, she thought, protect her if things went badly. She tossed it into the trash without a second look.

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It had been a long, long, long day and a half for Tara since the Maclays showed up.

A very long two day and a half.

"So, uh ..." she paused just inside the doorway to the shop. They'd demanded they see where she work before leaving Fandom. "When -- when were you going to head home?"

Subtle, she was not. And she'd also been trying to deflect their hints all weekend about how she was needed back with the family. At the end, she hoped, they'd let it go. It wasn't like she was turning 20 yet.

"How fast can you pack up your room?" her father asked, snorting at the displays. He poked a pentacle with a fingertip like it might burn him. "We're getting you away from this wickedness, child. You're already infested with evil."

Tara inspected her shoes as her nails bit into her palms. "It's -- my friends here like me."

"Your friends don't know who you are," Donny supplied. "Now, you going to come with us the easy way, or are you going to make us make a scene?"

Tara scanned the street desperately. There had to be something she could do to make this all go away.

And lo, a figure approached )

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