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[Immediately follows this.]

After talking to Jono and Karla, Tara went up to her room to find some salt and a candle. They'd relocated to Anakin's office for a little privacy in discussing what they had to do.

She quickly cast a circle on the ground, feeling oddly spurred in her haste by Raven's gold rings glowing on her thumb. Somehow, she felt deeply that this was right.

"Guys?" she called, waving her arms a bit to attract everyone's attention. ''We ... I think we need to do a seance.'' )

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After her visit to Raven, Tara had spent most of the day lying in bed. She wasn't sad -- not exactly. But she was feeling very thoughtful and troubled and inside-her-head-y, and even the pleasures of the keep weren't enough to have her very social.

She kept coming back to two facts that didn't make much sense next to each other. One was that she'd killed. In self-defense, maybe, and not a human -- but there was still blood on her hands, and she felt guilt for that.

Yet, beneath that, she felt a yearning that she had been able to do more. Not more killing, of course -- but her shields were puny, her telekinesis weak, her offensive magic basically nonexistent. She knew she could do more, if she was brave enough to play with spells just a little further into the gray than she normally let herself go.

It was dangerous. She knew witches could get lost chasing the rush of strong magics. But she almost felt like it was hard to say it wasn't worth the risk, if it could save her friends.

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Tara hadn't stayed at Reserves long once she realized so many people had turned invisible. She knew she should have stuck around -- she could have tried to undo the spell -- but even if it had worked right, undoing the spell would mean people would see her and yell at her. And she wasn't ready for that.

She sat near the roof garden, arms around her invisible legs as she stared out over the island. Her father's voice was playing on endless loop in her head. For the first time in a long time, she wondered if maybe her family had been right. Maybe some part of her was evil.

And lo, people came looking )

[OOC: NFI. The spell is broken and all invisible characters are now fully visible again. Much love to [ profile] trigons_child and [ profile] glacial_witch for the preplay, and to both of them plus [ profile] hazlehurstmiss for letting me use the reserves meeting this way.]
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Tara was thoughtful when she got back to her dorm room after Lieutenant Kerrigan's class. What did she want to do? What could she ask of life?

She'd been carried along by stronger people and stronger personalities most of her life. It had gotten her to age sixteen and a half ... could it really get her through the next fifty years? Or was she going to have to start making decisions and going after things?

Terrifying concept, that. But it kept going around and around her head. She rearranged her crystals, keeping her hands busy more than she was doing any specific spell, as Moxy twined about her feet.

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Tara had nowhere in particular to be until Wednesday, and that was a good thing. Dhe might be ready to leave her room again about then. For now, she was just frozen.

It wasn't enough that she'd almost solicited a prostitute or plotted with Karla to help their "darke master" Merlin. No, she'd helped kill someone, too.

Evil. Pure evil, and with no demon to blame such things on.

She left a message and contemplated calling Merlin and Karla, too, before she realized she couldn't just yet. Instead, she curled up under her afghan, lightly stroking Mr. Moxy's back as the kitten kneaded her legs. She was grateful he had stayed a normal cat.

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When Tara got back to her alcove after a day spent running errands on the mainland, she had no idea things had gone weird on the island. She just didn't love any of her stuff that much, really.

Instead, she settled back on her bunk with a spellbook. After speaking with Karla and Merlin and seeing people in the Magic Reserves talk about their powers, she wanted to practice and get at least a little better. Who knew, it might even make her useful.

So she sat cross-legged on her bed, concentrating on not just floating a pencil, but on making it glow with an eerie green light at the same time.

Hardcore witch right here, yo.

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