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Tara laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to figure out how she felt about the weekend that was over. She knew what she thought about where she'd left things with Kennedy on Friday: Sad, but also hopeful. But everything that happened after that? It was like a series of bizarre vivid dreams. Dreams full of pregnancy tests and nurses and a charity concert and diamond mines full of evildoers.

She knew somewhere in there some girl calling herself Tara had slept with somebody named Jonothon Evan Starsmore, but -- given it really wasn't her, and Jono didn't seem much like himself either -- she was deciding it Did Not Count.

She sighed, reached for her phone, and tapped out a text to Jono, just to make sure he felt the same way. Once she'd checked in with him, maybe she could look Raven in the eyes.

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It was the worst day in a series of very bad days. Tara's mother had been fading away; today she'd needed a long moment to recognize Tara, and a longer one to say her name. The painkillers made her peaceful, but they also cost much of the spark that made her herself. Tara was losing her ability to just be grateful she had the chance to say goodbye.

And Beth had been over, "helping" Tara's dad with some household project. Beth, her least favorite cousin, who always managed to imply she wasn't quite certain Tara wasn't a demon. She'd set a new record that afternoon; she'd done it twice in five minutes.

It was, perhaps, not Tara's best idea to call Kennedy when she was in a mood like this. But it seemed more likely to distract her than any of the alternatives.

Kennedy was always glad to be that kind of distraction... )

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The pretty girl lying in bed next to Tara was still asleep, so that meant Tara had to be extra-super careful not to make too much noise as she crawled out of bed. It was all right; she liked being quiet.

Her hair was all tangled, so she started looking for a hairbrush to get it nice and smooth until she spotted --


That squeal, and the subsequent scramble to pick up the rabbit, shattered all plans of being quiet.

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After her amazing time at the dance the night before, Tara wanted nothing more than to sleep in, possibly for a decade or so.

Her body disagreed though, so it was still fairly early when she woke up and silently snagged a book from the floor next to her bed. She could read and wait for Kennedy; staying in bed gave her an excuse to keep grinning doofily at her girlfriend.

If she was waiting for anything beyond Kennedy waking up so they could maybe go get breakfast, she didn't know it yet.

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[Immediately follows this.]

After talking to Jono and Karla, Tara went up to her room to find some salt and a candle. They'd relocated to Anakin's office for a little privacy in discussing what they had to do.

She quickly cast a circle on the ground, feeling oddly spurred in her haste by Raven's gold rings glowing on her thumb. Somehow, she felt deeply that this was right.

"Guys?" she called, waving her arms a bit to attract everyone's attention. ''We ... I think we need to do a seance.'' )

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Right, so it was time for Tara and Kennedy to have an Official Date (TM). And to make it extra-exciting, they were even leaving the island. Tara was having an embarrassingly hard time remembering the last time she did that. (She didn't count Azarath.)

It was neat. Overwhelming. There were people out here -- people Tara didn't see every single day. And cars. And a trolley car to sit in right inside the restaurant.

Really, between all of that and the girl across the table from her, Tara was counting this as a succesful date even before she looked at the menu.

"How bad would it be," she asked, "if I just got appetizers and dessert?"

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In an ideal world, Tara would have set up the room she was bringing Kennedy back to a little more. Candles. Champagne. Maybe some rose petals.

But in the world she actually lived in, Tara didn't know the first thing about buying champagne and cut-off flower parts made her a little too sad to use after yesterday. Candles, however, she had a lot of. She'd arranged unlit ones around her side of the room artistically and convinced Fiona to find someplace else to be for the evening before she went to Fast Eddie's. She'd done some cleaning, too, and given the cats some extra food so they'd sleep.

None of which stopped her from being nervous about this whole project. But it was feeling like a pretty good kind of nervous as she led Kennedy to her room and pulled her door open. There was a slight giggle in her voice as she said, "After you. You aren't tired or anything, are you?"

'Cause that would just suck.

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Before heading out to class, Tara took a moment to type up an email.

To: Fandom High Students
Subject: Kennedy's Birthday!


Kennedy is turning 17 on Thursday, and the party will be this Friday (May 21). We'll be at Fast Eddie's around dinnertime. Call me or email back if you have questions or anything, but we'd love to see you!

This isn't a surprise party, so don't worry about spilling the beans to Kennedy. I can't keep a secret from her anyhow :-).



She hoped she hadn't forgotten to mention anything in the email as she finished packing up to leave the room. The party-throwing thing was new to her.

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Tara was thoughtful when she got back to her dorm room after Lieutenant Kerrigan's class. What did she want to do? What could she ask of life?

She'd been carried along by stronger people and stronger personalities most of her life. It had gotten her to age sixteen and a half ... could it really get her through the next fifty years? Or was she going to have to start making decisions and going after things?

Terrifying concept, that. But it kept going around and around her head. She rearranged her crystals, keeping her hands busy more than she was doing any specific spell, as Moxy twined about her feet.

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Curtains drawn so she wouldn't have to look at the grey, foggy landscape outside, Tara sat cross-legged on her floor, bedroom door cracked open and R.E.M. softly playing on her stereo. She occasionally munched a cookie from the batch she'd made last night as she read.

It was a casual pose, but the studying she was doing was anything but casual. After class and talking to Kennedy yesterday, she wanted to see if she could find anything in her books on magic about lifting a fog, or detecting demons, or fear spells or -- anything, really.

The problem wasn't that she wasn't finding anything; it was that she was finding too much, and a lot of it contradicted itself. Taking a brief break, she absently stroked Moxy as he wandered by. "Bet you miss your friend," she murmured, glancing to Fiona's empty side of the room. She'd gone home to take care of family business. While Tara missed her, she was almost grateful there was one fewer person to worry about on the island until the fog lifted.

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Tara had nowhere in particular to be until Wednesday, and that was a good thing. Dhe might be ready to leave her room again about then. For now, she was just frozen.

It wasn't enough that she'd almost solicited a prostitute or plotted with Karla to help their "darke master" Merlin. No, she'd helped kill someone, too.

Evil. Pure evil, and with no demon to blame such things on.

She left a message and contemplated calling Merlin and Karla, too, before she realized she couldn't just yet. Instead, she curled up under her afghan, lightly stroking Mr. Moxy's back as the kitten kneaded her legs. She was grateful he had stayed a normal cat.

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Tara had managed a phone call to her mother that morning, and they'd agreed it wasn't a good idea for Tara to try to come home for Thanksgiving.

Which was a relief on the one hand -- no trying to be normal with her father -- and a disappointment on the other, since she still missed her mother.

She put it to the back of her mind and settled cross-legged on her bed with a book on enchantments, stroking Mr. Moxy with one hand as she contemplated a spell that would make anything attacking turn into bunnies. It didn't strike her as the most useful idea, but it made her laugh.

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Tara was, in her quiet was, bubbling over with happiness when she woke up Monday. Not only was the demon story she'd believed all her life banished like a bad dream, but she'd managed to get her mother on the phone last night before anyone could intercept the call.

Her mother hadn't entirely believed Tara's story; she'd had the demon thing in her head for too long. Still, she'd at least agreed to try to talk to someone outside the family about it. That was a start. Everything else would follow.

Door open, Tara sang softly to herself as she did some tidying. The room didn't entirely need it, but it felt good and right to clean.

Her eyes lingered on a spell she'd copied out a long time ago -- one that would hide all demons and, she thought, protect her if things went badly. She tossed it into the trash without a second look.

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