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... okay, so the thing about taking the first cheap portal she could find was that it meant the travel path kind of sucked. Tara had spent most of the previous day on some planet where the native life form and most of the fellow passengers appeared to be a blob of red jelly.

On the bright side, there'd been a Cinnabon outlet.

She'd made it to New York in one piece, though, and was now resting on a bench, waiting for Jono. The crowds were overwhelming after three months at home, but in a way the distraction was a relief -- it meant she wasn't getting trapped in her own head so much.

Furtively, she checked her phone. No calls from home so far. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

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It was over.

Tara's mother's end, agonizing as it had been to wait for, had hit over the weekend as suddenly as a blow to the gut. She'd been fine, then she hadn't, and there was nothing anyone could do. And then there had been a funeral to try to make it through, and things to pack up before her father could get at them, and now all of that was done and the house was blissfully, terribly, quiet.

The worst part was that Tara's father was being almost nice to her, thanking her for the things she did, not commenting at all when she kept her mother's spellbooks. Even Donny was on his best behavior, treating Tara as a sister and not as some annoyance he happened to live in the same household with.

She could finish up her senior year in California, they said. No need to go all the way across the country. Tara was just -- sad. Confused. Empty. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea, staying. She could help. Things would be peaceful, not as crazy as on the island. This was, after all, her home.

She -- didn't know what to think. She put on her sandals and took herself for a long, long walk. <<Don't stay>>, she heard in the wind, in her mother's voice. <<Don't lose yourself. Go. Like I couldn't.>>

She wasn't sure if it was a psychic flash, or a voice from inside her head, or simply wishful thinking. By the time she made it back to her house, she knew she was following the advice either way.

She picked the first portal she could afford to a place where she knew she'd find someone from Fandom, made a phone call, and went to sleep at peace. She knew the next morning, she'd be gone.

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Tara hadn't had either the time or the inclination to keep in touch with her Fandom friends this summer (other than Kennedy, and look how well that turned out), but today was turning out to be a quiet day. Her father and brother were working, and her mother was in and out of appointments all day. Besides, at the supermarket that morning her checkout girl had been Weaverville's single Goth. Something about her reminded Tara intensely of Raven, and there she was, homesick for a place that wasn't really technically home.

When she got home, she talked herself into sending out a quick email. She figured people would probably appreciate knowing she was still alive, anyhow.

To: Fandom-friends
Subject: Any Interesting Invasions?

Hey guys,

Sorry for the mass email, but I just have a second and wanted to check in and let you know I'm not dead or anything. Sorry for leaving without saying goodbye; I was short of time and wouldn't have been any fun for anybody to talk to, anyhow.

So, um, hi! How are you? How weird is the island being these days? Any new magic-users I should know about?

I can't come back yet, but I'll see you guys in September. Promise.



She hoped no one would notice that she had carefully avoided talking about how she was.

[OOC: If you think you got this, you did! Open for email/phone/text responses. I just missed her.]


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