life_inshadow: ([neu] looking into the distance)
2011-11-15 09:51 pm

Room 223, Tuesday Night

Tara cast a circle with herbs and salt, set candles at each of the four corners, and then sat in the center cross-legged with her eyes closed. She drew in a breath, found it tasted like the sage embedded in the candle, and began to chant.

Janus, Lord of Doorways, God of Changes, show me the place that I seek. Janus, Lord of Doorways, God of Changes...

It had taken more research than she'd expected, but Tara thought she finally had a spell that would let her get in touch with Kennedy's Sunnydale. It wasn't a viewing spell, let alone one that would let her pass a message along: It would just sort of ... poke the dimension and see if the Hellmouth poked back. After she'd done that, maybe her next step would be modifying the spell to pass a message along.

She kept chanting, voice rising and falling in soft cadences as the power began to rise in her. It was getting closer; if she reached her power out like a hand she'd be able to touch --

Nothing. The thing she'd been getting so close to was gone, like someone had dropped a cloak of invisibility over the entire world. No, like the world had never been there to begin with. And she was getting a vaguely hostile feeling slamming into her like a headache, like something was telling her not to poke it again.

It was weird.

It took Tara a moment to catch her breath. When she had, she blew out the candles, swept up the circle, and flopped backwards on her bed.

She wasn't sure what her next step even was, but she knew she was much more worried.
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