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Juliet Darling
♦ Comes from Dirty Sexy Money, which has been brilliantly described as Arrested Development, but played straight. Precanon.
♦ Is sixteen and a junior.
♦ Is twin sister to Jeremy ([ profile] stars_and_money). He's her best friend and will be for a very long time.
♦ Is the youngest daughter of Patrick 'Tripp' Darling III and his wife Letitia, who own about half of Manhattan.
♦ Wants to be an actress more than anything in this world. Too bad she's kind of terrible at it. She makes up for it by approaching her life very dramatically.
♦ Is shallow. Very shallow. Not stupid, especially: Just more interested in parties and dresses than in politics and philosophy.
♦ LOVES parties, especially throwing big, impressive ones. I suspect she already has a notebook full of ideas for their seventeenth birthday in October.
♦ Is a virgin. Is likely to stay that way until she's well into her 20s, according to canon. There's no horrible trauma in her past, she just doesn't feel ready and doesn't want to rush herself.

Quinn Fabray
† Comes from Glee. Came to the island just before the first season started in her world. She's lived through bits of canon, but not the one that ends with her having a baby.
† Is seventeen and a senior.
† Dates Puck, and has been doing so since February.
† Doesn't cheer in Fandom; she channels her need to be in charge into sorority and student council instead.
† Was once an overweight, dorky girl named Lucy. (Quinn is her middle name.) This is a pretty random retcon, but it is one I'm trying to slowly incorporate into her threads.
† Her toenails on her left foot look more like claws thanks to the last BDE. She is Very Sad that she can't wear sandals anymore.
† Is bright and ambitious, but weirdly limited in that she does not, strangely, actively want to rule the world. A nice real estate practice and gobs of money will be enough.
† Is very Christian and very pro-abstinence -- especially for other people.
† Has serious bitch tendencies. She generally keeps them on a leash because they aren't effective on the island, but if you piss her off, the claws come out. The whole usual disclaimer about this being her and not me most definitely applies.

Tara Maclay
♥ Comes from Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. Came to the island before her sophomore year. Her world is now up to the start of S3 of Buffy, but all she knows about what's to come are some limited tidbits she's picked up from Kennedy and other Buffyverse folk on the island.
♥ Is another 17-year-old senior! Next May will be a sad sad time for me.
♥ Used to be almost paralyzed by shyness. Still sometimes is, but is a lot better about things like talking to people without acting like she thinks they're about to hit her.
♥ Dated Kennedy for about a year and a half. It's over due to timeline wonkiness and some different life goals, but they still think of each other fondly.
♥ Is gay like a gay thing, yep.
♥ Is a witch. She's good at telekinesis, decent with charms and potions, and handy at reading auras. However, witchcraft in her world is a craft, not a gift -- she has to work at it, and (in part because going dark is a very real fear to her) she rarely pushes her limits.
♥ Had a fairly horrible summer at home watching her mother slowly die. She's functional, but the wounds are definitely there, and she may be much moodier than normal.

Jack Priest
€ Comes from New Amsterdam, a novel by Elizabeth Bear. He came to the island about a fifth of the way through canon, and now I'm up to the very last section.
€ Is nineteen and a 2010 graduate.
€ Has the kind of background that does not reduce well to bullet points. The short version is: Born poor and Jewish in Prague in 1881, sold into servitude, taken in by a thousand-year-old-vampire, educated, fell in love with the vampire, became his "courtesan" (lover-slash-servant-slash-food-source), emigrated to the Americas, came to Fandom.
€ Generally lets people assume he's British, since he has the accent and explaining the above isn't worth the time it takes.
€ Now lives in 2011 London, back in his home world. Going back to a place where there were going to be two major wars in the next forty years struck him as less than a bright idea. Besides, he likes technology.
€ Is brilliant, especially with languages, history, and investigative tactics.
€ Is, alternately and depending on the circumstances, adaptable, charming, brattish, difficult, selfish, loyal, and generally hard to pin down.
€ Is bisexual, and not generally inclined to monogamy.
€ Is best friends and frequently a bit more with Emma Frost.
€ Is played by Ed Speleers, who was in Eragon and a bad British soap opera and not much else. I long for new icon material.

Romeo Montague
♠Comes from the 1996 Romeo + Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrman. Postcanon, though he survived his suicide attempt.
♠ Is twenty and a 2009 graduate.
♠ Lives in Tokyo with his longtime girlfriend, Yurika Dojima. She's a supernatural spy; he studies business in preparation to take over Montague Enterprises one day.
♠ Is still impulsive and romantic, though getting older has worn some of that away.
♠ Is an old-school Catholic.
♠ Has had three and a half years to modernize his speech, but it still sounds faintly Shakespearean -- especially when he's tired or emotional.
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