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Jun. 29th, 2012 08:18 am
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"Hi, it's Tara. Sorry, but I'm not here right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you."

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It was Monday morning before Tara called Kennedy, almost as if she wanted to give the remembering extra time to work. Her breath caught in her throat when the phone rang for the first time in a month and a half.

Two rings. Three. Four.

Hey! Kennedy here. You know what to do, right? Leave your message and the digits and I'll get back to you, although guys? Don't hold your breath, 'kay? Yeah. Later!

"Baby, I'm so --" Tara started to say, rushing her words, when she was cut off by a mechanical voice in place of the beep.

This mailbox is full. Try your call again later.

Tara frowned and redialed. Got the same message. Tried again an hour later, again two hours after that. Still a full mailbox.

Her tentative email bounced back with a garbled error message almost before she'd sent it.

It was all right. It had to be. Just because someone fell out of touch when the world was almost ending, and wasn't checking her voicemail when it didn't end, didn't mean she was --

Tara's tea got cold on the desk next to her as she considered ways to avoid finishing that sentence.

[OOC: Closed door, open post. Per [livejournal.com profile] brat_intraining, this is what will happen if you try to get in touch with Kennedy until further notice.]
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Tara was pretty sure she had a goose egg on her head -- getting walloped with a pool cue will do that to you -- but otherwise, she was in good shape when she cautiously came back to her room from the spot in town where she'd popped back into existence.

Mr. Moxy meowed indignantly from his spot on her bed and sidled up to twine around her legs.

Tara supposed she should go hunt somebody down and figure out what she had missed, but it was all too overwhelming. She needed a good rest and some time with Moxy before she started confronting exactly why the world hadn't ended.

[OOC: Open door, open post!]
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The spellbooks from Tara's shelves -- and more than a few that she'd borrowed from the shop -- were scattered around her bed, the result of what felt like weeks trying to get something useful out of them. She'd heard the announcement about auditors, which sent her back to the beginning for any reference.

Conclusion: Nothing, though there was a kind of "accounting demon" that Tara would really prefer not to have balance her checkbook.

She sighed and flopped back on the floor, then flicked a cat toy toward Mr. Moxy, mildly pleased she could at least make him happy.

It was that kind of exciting Friday night.

[OOC: Door open, post open!]
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Tara cast a circle with herbs and salt, set candles at each of the four corners, and then sat in the center cross-legged with her eyes closed. She drew in a breath, found it tasted like the sage embedded in the candle, and began to chant.

Janus, Lord of Doorways, God of Changes, show me the place that I seek. Janus, Lord of Doorways, God of Changes...

It had taken more research than she'd expected, but Tara thought she finally had a spell that would let her get in touch with Kennedy's Sunnydale. It wasn't a viewing spell, let alone one that would let her pass a message along: It would just sort of ... poke the dimension and see if the Hellmouth poked back. After she'd done that, maybe her next step would be modifying the spell to pass a message along.

She kept chanting, voice rising and falling in soft cadences as the power began to rise in her. It was getting closer; if she reached her power out like a hand she'd be able to touch --

Nothing. The thing she'd been getting so close to was gone, like someone had dropped a cloak of invisibility over the entire world. No, like the world had never been there to begin with. And she was getting a vaguely hostile feeling slamming into her like a headache, like something was telling her not to poke it again.

It was weird.

It took Tara a moment to catch her breath. When she had, she blew out the candles, swept up the circle, and flopped backwards on her bed.

She wasn't sure what her next step even was, but she knew she was much more worried.
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Tara hadn't really expected anyone to do anything for her birthday this year. Her mom was dead, Kennedy was gone, and she'd be surprised if anyone else knew the date, let alone made a fuss. She wasn't complaining: She'd had a fantastic fall break trip and bought herself a few nice souvenirs along the way, and that counted as a celebration in her eyes. Besides, being 18 was its own kind of reward. It meant she was an adult. It meant she was free.

When she checked her mail, she found her father had sent a card with $5 in it -- and a blessed lack of a personal note. That didn't totally suck, and neither did the cupcake from Student Council. But when she found the present from Kennedy, well ...

Her day was pretty much made, and she immediately made a call to say thank you.

And now she was going to sit at her desk, eat the cupcake -- and try not to get icing on the pages of the spellbook.

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Tara laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to figure out how she felt about the weekend that was over. She knew what she thought about where she'd left things with Kennedy on Friday: Sad, but also hopeful. But everything that happened after that? It was like a series of bizarre vivid dreams. Dreams full of pregnancy tests and nurses and a charity concert and diamond mines full of evildoers.

She knew somewhere in there some girl calling herself Tara had slept with somebody named Jonothon Evan Starsmore, but -- given it really wasn't her, and Jono didn't seem much like himself either -- she was deciding it Did Not Count.

She sighed, reached for her phone, and tapped out a text to Jono, just to make sure he felt the same way. Once she'd checked in with him, maybe she could look Raven in the eyes.

[OOC: Door closed, post open.]
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Four days back in Fandom, and Tara had finally gathered her courage to call her father and explain where she was and, by the way, could he see about arranging transport for Mr. Moxy from one coast to the other?

It was one of the more excruciating conversations Tara had ever had, filled with Mr. Maclay's indignation about daughters who swanned off out of the blue to God-knows-where with God-knows-who and worried everyone and didn't do their duty, and what their mothers might think about it. But in the end, he grudgingly agreed Tara could have her cat back if she paid for the shipping. (Incidentally, he wanted to know, who ever shipped a cat? Was this some dirty witch thing?)

Whatever nice impulses he'd had right after Tara's mother died, it was safe to say they were long gone.

Once she finally got off the phone, Tara flopped onto her bed with her eyes closed and the door slightly open. Two classes down, one to go, plus a day at the Magic Box.

She could do this.

She had to.

[OOC: I worried far too much about what was happening to the dang imaginary cat while she traveled. Open post, either way.]
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... okay, so the thing about taking the first cheap portal she could find was that it meant the travel path kind of sucked. Tara had spent most of the previous day on some planet where the native life form and most of the fellow passengers appeared to be a blob of red jelly.

On the bright side, there'd been a Cinnabon outlet.

She'd made it to New York in one piece, though, and was now resting on a bench, waiting for Jono. The crowds were overwhelming after three months at home, but in a way the distraction was a relief -- it meant she wasn't getting trapped in her own head so much.

Furtively, she checked her phone. No calls from home so far. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

[OOC: For the dude on fire. NFB due to distance.]
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It was over.

Tara's mother's end, agonizing as it had been to wait for, had hit over the weekend as suddenly as a blow to the gut. She'd been fine, then she hadn't, and there was nothing anyone could do. And then there had been a funeral to try to make it through, and things to pack up before her father could get at them, and now all of that was done and the house was blissfully, terribly, quiet.

The worst part was that Tara's father was being almost nice to her, thanking her for the things she did, not commenting at all when she kept her mother's spellbooks. Even Donny was on his best behavior, treating Tara as a sister and not as some annoyance he happened to live in the same household with.

She could finish up her senior year in California, they said. No need to go all the way across the country. Tara was just -- sad. Confused. Empty. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea, staying. She could help. Things would be peaceful, not as crazy as on the island. This was, after all, her home.

She -- didn't know what to think. She put on her sandals and took herself for a long, long walk. <<Don't stay>>, she heard in the wind, in her mother's voice. <<Don't lose yourself. Go. Like I couldn't.>>

She wasn't sure if it was a psychic flash, or a voice from inside her head, or simply wishful thinking. By the time she made it back to her house, she knew she was following the advice either way.

She picked the first portal she could afford to a place where she knew she'd find someone from Fandom, made a phone call, and went to sleep at peace. She knew the next morning, she'd be gone.

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Tara hadn't had either the time or the inclination to keep in touch with her Fandom friends this summer (other than Kennedy, and look how well that turned out), but today was turning out to be a quiet day. Her father and brother were working, and her mother was in and out of appointments all day. Besides, at the supermarket that morning her checkout girl had been Weaverville's single Goth. Something about her reminded Tara intensely of Raven, and there she was, homesick for a place that wasn't really technically home.

When she got home, she talked herself into sending out a quick email. She figured people would probably appreciate knowing she was still alive, anyhow.

To: Fandom-friends
From: wiccan.tara@gmail.com
Subject: Any Interesting Invasions?

Hey guys,

Sorry for the mass email, but I just have a second and wanted to check in and let you know I'm not dead or anything. Sorry for leaving without saying goodbye; I was short of time and wouldn't have been any fun for anybody to talk to, anyhow.

So, um, hi! How are you? How weird is the island being these days? Any new magic-users I should know about?

I can't come back yet, but I'll see you guys in September. Promise.



She hoped no one would notice that she had carefully avoided talking about how she was.

[OOC: If you think you got this, you did! Open for email/phone/text responses. I just missed her.]
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It was the worst day in a series of very bad days. Tara's mother had been fading away; today she'd needed a long moment to recognize Tara, and a longer one to say her name. The painkillers made her peaceful, but they also cost much of the spark that made her herself. Tara was losing her ability to just be grateful she had the chance to say goodbye.

And Beth had been over, "helping" Tara's dad with some household project. Beth, her least favorite cousin, who always managed to imply she wasn't quite certain Tara wasn't a demon. She'd set a new record that afternoon; she'd done it twice in five minutes.

It was, perhaps, not Tara's best idea to call Kennedy when she was in a mood like this. But it seemed more likely to distract her than any of the alternatives.

Kennedy was always glad to be that kind of distraction... )

[OOC: NFB, NFI, OOC welcome. Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] brat_intraining, who held my hand through this whole thing.]
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The pretty girl lying in bed next to Tara was still asleep, so that meant Tara had to be extra-super careful not to make too much noise as she crawled out of bed. It was all right; she liked being quiet.

Her hair was all tangled, so she started looking for a hairbrush to get it nice and smooth until she spotted --


That squeal, and the subsequent scramble to pick up the rabbit, shattered all plans of being quiet.

[OOC: Closed door, open post!]
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In which Tara's mom learns all about the netherverse. )

[OOC: Preplayed with the splendid [livejournal.com profile] trigons_child. NFI, NFB due to distance. OOC is love.]
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After her amazing time at the dance the night before, Tara wanted nothing more than to sleep in, possibly for a decade or so.

Her body disagreed though, so it was still fairly early when she woke up and silently snagged a book from the floor next to her bed. She could read and wait for Kennedy; staying in bed gave her an excuse to keep grinning doofily at her girlfriend.

If she was waiting for anything beyond Kennedy waking up so they could maybe go get breakfast, she didn't know it yet.

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Tara couldn't remember when or how, but she must have fallen asleep at some point after she got back to the dorms. She woke up in a sticky ball on top of her covers, still dressed in the clothes she'd yanked on Thursday night.

She felt filthy, as if she were covered in Raven's blood and -- more. She felt as if her mind was no longer her own, and never would be again.

The first order of business was a long, hot shower that didn't seem to do much beyond removing some obvious grime from her skin. She dressed quickly, and put her hair back.

More grateful than usual for her lack of a roommate, Tara then laid a double line of salt at her doorstep and, after a quick chant to Astraea for her own purity, started methodically going through her spellbooks. She'd never taken special precautions against possession in the past, but there had to be a way to ensure no one would ever use her that way again.

The way she'd been used was bad enough already.

[OOC: Closed door, open post. Player will be on and off today.]
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[Immediately follows this.]

After talking to Jono and Karla, Tara went up to her room to find some salt and a candle. They'd relocated to Anakin's office for a little privacy in discussing what they had to do.

She quickly cast a circle on the ground, feeling oddly spurred in her haste by Raven's gold rings glowing on her thumb. Somehow, she felt deeply that this was right.

"Guys?" she called, waving her arms a bit to attract everyone's attention. ''We ... I think we need to do a seance.'' )

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Tara was still a little groggy from her dream of the ball as she got her room ready for all the other Reserves leaders -- it seemed obvious to her that it was better they get together and make a plan than that they let everybody go off on their own.

Not that Tara exactly knew how to plan against a giant smelly bog and magically appearing walls that seemed to hold people captive, but hey. She could be optimistic.

Her supplies were simple: A bag of cookies filched from the kitchen, some soda, a makeshift easel for writing down ideas, and a pile of every book on the supernatural she had in case people wanted to start researching before they got to the library.

She figured Kennedy and Maladicta would bring the weapons.

[OOC: Post is for the other reserve leader types, but the door is open. This is not the fighting reserves post -- that's been postponed to tomorrow so the groups can meet together.]


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