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Tara was thoughtful when she got back to her dorm room after Lieutenant Kerrigan's class. What did she want to do? What could she ask of life?

She'd been carried along by stronger people and stronger personalities most of her life. It had gotten her to age sixteen and a half ... could it really get her through the next fifty years? Or was she going to have to start making decisions and going after things?

Terrifying concept, that. But it kept going around and around her head. She rearranged her crystals, keeping her hands busy more than she was doing any specific spell, as Moxy twined about her feet.

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Tara had nowhere in particular to be until Wednesday, and that was a good thing. Dhe might be ready to leave her room again about then. For now, she was just frozen.

It wasn't enough that she'd almost solicited a prostitute or plotted with Karla to help their "darke master" Merlin. No, she'd helped kill someone, too.

Evil. Pure evil, and with no demon to blame such things on.

She left a message and contemplated calling Merlin and Karla, too, before she realized she couldn't just yet. Instead, she curled up under her afghan, lightly stroking Mr. Moxy's back as the kitten kneaded her legs. She was grateful he had stayed a normal cat.

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