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Tara laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to figure out how she felt about the weekend that was over. She knew what she thought about where she'd left things with Kennedy on Friday: Sad, but also hopeful. But everything that happened after that? It was like a series of bizarre vivid dreams. Dreams full of pregnancy tests and nurses and a charity concert and diamond mines full of evildoers.

She knew somewhere in there some girl calling herself Tara had slept with somebody named Jonothon Evan Starsmore, but -- given it really wasn't her, and Jono didn't seem much like himself either -- she was deciding it Did Not Count.

She sighed, reached for her phone, and tapped out a text to Jono, just to make sure he felt the same way. Once she'd checked in with him, maybe she could look Raven in the eyes.

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[Immediately follows this.]

After talking to Jono and Karla, Tara went up to her room to find some salt and a candle. They'd relocated to Anakin's office for a little privacy in discussing what they had to do.

She quickly cast a circle on the ground, feeling oddly spurred in her haste by Raven's gold rings glowing on her thumb. Somehow, she felt deeply that this was right.

"Guys?" she called, waving her arms a bit to attract everyone's attention. ''We ... I think we need to do a seance.'' )

[Preplayed with [ profile] blondecanary, [ profile] brat_intraining, [ profile] furious_maximus, [ profile] furnaceface, [ profile] glacial_witch, [ profile] icecoldfrost, [ profile] justwantsquiet, [ profile] longislandiceme, [ profile] not_a_parakeet, [ profile] sith_happened, and [ profile] trigons_child. NFI and NFB as it's after radio, but OOC, as always, is welcome.]


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