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Because I live to wait for Tracy to get the linkdrop up before doing these.

Anyhow, I am off on a wee family vacay from earlyearly tomorrow through late Wednesday. Until I'm back, Jack's in Vancouver, Tara is a potted plant, Brennan's getting her geek on, and there's a preplay to dispose of Tyler that will go up tomorrow.

That said, I should be on from time to time -- I'm told the Internet exists even in Missouri -- so send me an email if you need me for any reason.
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Yay, info posts. Time to get my babble on.

Tara Maclay([ profile] life_inshadow):
+ She's from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, but about three years younger than we meet her in canon -- 15 now, and just starting her sophomore year. She won't know anyone from the Buffy cast.
+ She's very quiet and shy, and speaks with a stammer when she's especially nervous or excited.
+ If you get past the shyness -- which, admittedly, is hard to do -- she is incredibly kind and loyal, with a goofy sense of humor and a strong sense of right and wrong.
+ Her mother is a witch, and Tara's been trained in magic since she was a little girl. Her family, and especially her father, has convinced both of them that they can do magic only because they're part demon. (Spoiler: This isn't true.) She'll be public about the magic once she knows it's okay here, but the demon thing is tightly under wraps.
+ Most of her magic at this point is of the "read a book, burn some herbs, chant a spell" type. Like other Buffyverse witches, she also has some telekinetic powers, and all of her abilities are intensified if she works with another witch. She has a strong respect for magic, and doesn't tend to use it lightly.
+ Her one unique ability is that she can read auras, though mostly she'd only comment on it if she saw something that suggested possession or something very wrong. I'd check OOCly if she was going to say anything at all.
+ She's a lesbian, but even though she's relatively comfortable with that aspect of herself (i.e., she won't be dating guys), she's not exactly leading the pride parade just yet. Her family is insane and repressive, and she's never kissed anyone at all romantically.
+Important bit: There was a Tara here a long time ago who had died and come back. If your character knows that (either from her or for canon reasons), please don't mention it to my Tara without my explicit permission. Anything else you learned from the old Tara is fair game to bring up, though much of it won't make sense to my Tara.

Angela, the incredible emo girl. )

Jack, the vampire's courtier. )

Brennan, the forensic anthropologist )

Romeo, the poet and lover )

Tyler, the anarchist )

Elisabeth, the ... who am I, again? )
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Concrit can go here for the following characters:

[ profile] bitten_notshy -- Jack Priest, New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear
[ profile] chief_cheerio -- Quinn Fabray, Glee
[ profile] halfman_lion -- Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones (TV)
[ profile] life_inshadow -- Tara Maclay, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[ profile] twintuitionist -- Juliet Darling, Dirty Sexy Money
[ profile] withoutverona -- Romeo Montague, Romeo + Juliet

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